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My Pregnancy and Giving Birth!

I've been trying to post this for 2 days! Frigid temps and gusty winds knocked out our line and of course we had to wait 2 days for them to fix it.


To those who don't have a child yet, this post is not to scare you. This post is to simply let you know that no matter how many baby books you read, how many stories your Mom/Sister/Cousin and even Grandma tell you, you will nevertruly understand what it's like to be pregnant and have a baby until you actually do it
My daughter Gianna is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me.She may be a cute loveable little sweetheart at times but deep down at only 1years old she has sass, and a Little Miss Diva attitude! Iguess her personality explains why she was able to fight through one TWO forms of birth control. Yes, I am serious!
@ my 40 week visit, he had no idea there was a giant Vag behind him!
I still don't know how it happened but I wouldn't change a damn thing about it! It was so bizarre - I graduated Nursing School in December of 2010 andstarted my first nursing job after passing my boards in February 2011 .I was sitting in a computer orientation class and literally hunched over ready to vomit all over the computer. We had an hour break and I went to my then boyfriends (now STB -(soon to be)- Hubby) house to pass out for 40 minutes and prepare to go back to work. I remember talking to my mom and telling her"I think my body is getting sick and my immune system is fighting it because I haven't thrown up yet" and she jokingly said maybe you are pregnant. I laughed it off but then bought a prego test on my way back to work.I was deathly afraid of taking that test... there is NO way I could be pregnant(or so I thought).

When I got back to the hospital we went to the floors we would be working on. I remember chugging Pepto-Bismol just to be able to stand straight withoutdry heaving. I hopped on Facebook when I got home and confided in my close cousin (basically my sista from another mista) that I had to take a prego test.She asked me if my boobs hurt and I was like OMG yes! She responded "You don't need to take the test, if your boobs are hurting you are prego".They not only hurt, they throbbed in pain! I have been blessed with a rack that now needs some major augmentation after breastfeeding and just touching them made my body shake. Sure enough, I took the test and about 6 extras and I was pregnant.
My actual tests, and yes I saved them

All I could think was --What the F*%$ am I supposed to do now!? I just finished school and started my career, I wasn't married, we lived in an appartment and I knew nothing about having a baby. I did babysit as a teen but things are so much different once they are your own. To top that, I was still on my parents insurance and how was I going to see a Dr without them finding out!?
I decided to turn an edited photo into a puzzle and give it to them for Easter. The puzzle was a picture of my parents and at the bottom it said something like "you are going to be grandparents" My best advice isto NEVER do this!! It may have been one of the stupidest things I have ever done. It was torture watching them build this puzzle. Torture may be anunderstatement. I have no clue what was going through their mind but we were sweating our asses off waiting for them to figure it out. My Dad figured it out first and was really cool about it and said Congrats.... my Mom on the otherhand said NOTHING, not a DAMN word! She just sat there finishing the puzzle even after the message part was done. My Mom is VERY outspoken, so to see herspeechless was scary back then but hilarious now!!

Everything worked out, my Mom sent me an emotional message on facebook the following day telling me how she thinks I will be an amazing mom etc etc. Thank goodness! My life is so backwards, I got pregnant in March 2011, engaged August 2011,had my daughter in December 2011, and purchaed a home is September 2012. Do I even need a Wedding??
Anyways, back to being pregnant. That first trimester was rough. I know ALOT of people had it a LOT worse than me. I only threw up once, but that's because I was always nauseated.The sight of blood at work made want to faint.It was hard to fight through that because I see blood every day. It has never abothered me before. I ate, but not very much. I lost weight my first trimester.The baby was healthy, so I was excited to lose weight not even trying! haha My boobs like I said above throbbed every day. I almost couldnt even take my braoff because it hurt so bad.The second trimester was better, no longer nauseated, starting to show a baby bump and not just fatter, and I got some energy back. I even started picking up OT at work.
By my third trimester I was ready to have the baby. I was starting to get really uncomfortable, and working a 12+ hour shift on my feet was killing me. Not to mention getting my ass kicked at work. I had restless leg syndrome really bad and my STB Hubby basically rubbed my legs until I fell asleep. I worked all the way up to and past my due date. I was supposed to be induced on Sunday December 4th, 2011 but ended up having her Friday December 2nd. November 27th was my due date.
Wow, this is a really long post!!!

My little brother joined the Army after being in college for a year on afootball scholarship and hating it. Want to know what the HELL this has to do with anything? We took him to the airport on Thurs. December 1st 2011 to be deployed to Afghanistan and I started having contractions walking him to the gates at the airport!
My Brother's cake when he came home from boot camp

God Bless Our Troops
Military families are usually allowed to go all the way to the boarding area - all that walking through the airport caused me to essentially go into labor. I couldn't believe it. I tried to hide it but I had to stop every few minutes to do some breathing exercises. I timed them and they weren't that close together so I just toughened it out. Can you imaging my poor parents= they are sending their son to Afghanistan and their daughter is having their first granddaughter. Talk about a rollercoaster set of emotions.'

As I stated above, my little "Diva" knew what she was doing putting me into labor that day. I toughened it out and waited until the next morning to actually goto the hospital.

Let me explain something, if you have never heard of a mucus plug, look it up! That shit is disgusting!! Nobody told me this "plug" comes out afew weeks before giving birth.

 Contractions on the other hand are also at sometimes unbearable. I know not everyone has the same labor but I was literally on my hands and knees all night moaning in pain. So we finally go to the hospital(after getting a shower and putting make up on of course!) and I'm pretty sure my midwife was going to send me home because I was only 2cm. I was like OH HELL NO, I stayed home until I couldnt stay home any longer I wasn't going anywhere. My water ended up breaking a little while later and I was taken back to my room.
Looking like a deer in headlights! "Am I really going to be a Daddy?"
"Oh shit!!"
I get back to my room and I find out my nurse is going to be my BFF/study buddy from nursing school. AKWARD! She was the only one with an open bed. I was in so much pain that I didn't even care but when she had to cath me to empty my bladder that was very... hmm how do I say it... weird? akward.. ?? It definitely took our friendship to a whole new level!

I told EVERYONE I was going to have a natural birth. I was seeing a mid wifeand delivering the baby at a hospital so I knew if I NEEDED an epidural I could get one. When I got back to my room and was literally crying in pain, I knew I needed the epidural. She told me I was only 3cm dilated and I knew there was NO way I could toughen it out. It literally felt like my uterus was being twisted and turned. My BFF nurse hooked me up with an AWESOME Anesthesia MD and the pain went away immediately. I was ALL smiles at that point.

WORDS of ADVICE - don't eat Chipotle (with beans) the day before you deliver like I did. End Of Story! :-)

I only pushed for about an hour, but I was seriously about to stop and tell them to take me to the OR and do a C-section. I was so over it! My labor was so chill, I remember we (me, my mom, my STB hubby, my nurse, my midwife, and a med student) were watching TMZ or something and someone randomly busts out with mylips are pretty and plump. We all busted out laughing - and my midwife asked what was so funny. I told her that everyone always tells me I have DSL's. She was clueless! Then I got a contraction and as I was pushing I can hear my midwife asking the med student if he knew what DSL's were. Mid-contraction I scream out "it means I have Fucking Dick Sucking Lips. The reaction was priceless.

Finally I had my baby girl! She had meconium (basically she pooped beforebeing born) so a NICU RN and NICU MD had to check her out right after the Drcut the cord. I was so upset my STB Hubby didn't cut it, but safety first! Shewas absolutely perfect.
My absolute favorite picture

1st Family Photo <3

Then they started sewing me up. OMG that was ridiculous, imagine getting a needle stuck in your vag multiple times. It was so sore for so many days. I never thought an ice pack down there would feel so good! They also gave me this little water bottle to spray on myself and that was heaven. F the Sitz bath,that shit didn't work. I took that spray bottle with me everywhere I went. It burned to pee, and I cringed thinking about wiping myself so I just sprayed.TMI I know!

This photo shoot only took about 5 hours!! yikes!

I guess I made it out to seem like I had a rough pregnancy and birth.I know people have it much worse. I can't believe I really didn't have any complications especially being so overweight. I will write a post all about life after having a baby and breastfeeding sometime soon!


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