Thursday, January 24, 2013

Non-Scale Victories Link up

Losing weight is all about on the scale and off the scale victories, however we tend to look at the scale and judge ourselves solely on the number whether it went up or down. When I saw that Katie (my very first follower, yes I know I only have a few but we all have to start somewhere right?) from KTJ Weighing In and Lex from LifebyLex were doing a link up of Non Scale Victories I couldn't resist!

Not eating past 8PM. This has always been a big problem of mine. I am a night owl, and I work a lot of night shifts, and trying not to eat past 8PM has always been torture. I realized if I eat healthy snacks in between meals I am not hungry that late at night anymore. If I am working a night shift, I obviously have to eat - my shift is usually 7PM-730AM. So I will pack fresh veggies, or fruit. It is much better than eating fried chicken sandwiches and french fries from the cafeteria which were always so good when I had a horrible night.

Drink more water.I have always been a water drinker, but I have made it a point to drink well over my 8 glasses a day! It definitely makes a difference.

Parking at the end of a parking lot. I remember always trying to find the closest parking spot next to the store I was going in. I know I am not alone, and if someone ever cut me off and pulled into the space I was waiting for, they got the middle finger and maybe a few obsenities they couldn't could hear. Now, I love parking at the end of the parking lot and walking. Small steps people! There are no other cars there so you don't even have to worry about a little brat opening their car door and denting yours.
At work, we have a parking lot that has a shuttle to and from work. It's not very far, just a few blocks. I have been skipping out on the shuttle and walking back to my car after work. I usually don't have enough time in the morning, but I plan on making a change with that!

Well, that's a wrap- I plan on focusing on my Non-Scale Victories more often!!


Share yours as well, I would love to read them!


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