Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1st Birthday Party - Pink/Zebra Minnie Mouse

So I was thinking of a blog topic and even though my daughter's birthday party was back in November I thought I would share her birthday party pics!

I have no crafty bones in my body - I try to be a DIY momma with style but things just don't "click" very often in the DIY world for me!

I was going to make her cake, but honestly I didn't have time or any patience. Her party was at a local hall and her guest list was 75+ people. Talk about enough people to have a small wedding! We wanted to have a big first birthday party - will hopefully be small close friends/family this year for her 2nd.
LOVED her cake, and it was exactly what I had envisioned. The Minnie Mouse was a second layer so we had plenty of cake. I had it made at a local grocery store for roughly $80 bucks.
 I initially went to a family owned bakery but they were rude and laughed at the pictures I brought them for her cake. Uh... thanks but I will take my business somewhere else.
The only downside of a zebra cake is the black icing stains your teeth for a little while! whoops!
The smash cake was free
Of course she loved the cake, and she even shared some with Daddy!

My Mom helped me with the hall decorations:
Pink tablecloth and zebra wrapping paper in the center

Not sure why this is upside down - I can't flip it! Anyways centerpieces were glass jars from the dollar store filled with black and silver straw. We made the Minnie Mouse faces and #1 with foam and hot glued them together. Then we attached a zebra bow from ribbon.


We had a Pizza Party - these plates were for chips/pretzels/snacks at each table. Dollar store black plates hot glued together with a bow to look like Minnie Mouse.

Balloons! There was some "helium shortage" so we paid an arm and a leg for these balloons! I had to have them ;-)

No Minnie Mouse Party is complete without a big poster of her!
That Minnie Mouse Balloon lasted about a month in our living room after the party!

I probably should have covered the high chair with something.... anything but I didn't. Oh well... The decorations were zebra fabric and foam hot glued to string around the tray.

Gianna and her cousin.

I purchased her outfit off of Etsy - Embroidery & More shop. You can check out the shop HERE!

Her outfit included the Tutu, onsie with her name embroidered, and the headband. I paid $48. I then found a pair of zebra slippers with a hot pink bow on top on Ebay for $4!! Score!

The shoe's hot pink bow, and the tutu's pink tulle don't really match but for $4 bucks I can't complain!
She wasn't sure why everyone was singing to her. haha.. This is the look of pure shock! & Of course the headband was torn off for 90% of the party.
Photo Collage of her 1st year I made. All I did was cut several pictures in random shapes and tape the back of them together. I laid them all face down in a large plastic frame from Target $10.  Family canvas photo in our Pittsburgh Steelers gear on the right.
Family Photo - I was exhausted! I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve with no sleep before her big party!
Spoiled Rotten =)
Sound asleep in a sugar coma!
There you have it - my baby girl's first birthday is long gone - I can't say that I am looking forward to her 2nd birthday :(
 I don't think I did too "bad" for not being a crafty person ;-)
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Life By Lex said...

aww soooo cute!!!

Candis said...

If I had (when I have) a girl, everything will be hot pink and zebra!! Love this!

Lisa said...

great job! looks like she totally enjoyed herself :)

Ashlee said...

I love the wrapping paper through the middle like a runner! We too ran into the dang helium shortage, the balloons do make all the difference! I am already working on things for linky's second birthday and it is not until August!! You did great mama!!

Kates @ You Betcha Baby said...

Awesome work! You will never regret going the extra mile for her!

Desiree Macke said...

What an adorable party!! Love love love the theme! I'm currently planning my little man's 1st birthday party and having a blast (even though I shed tears daily thinking that my baby isn't so much a baby anymore). My husband thinks I'm going a little overboard, but turning one is a big deal!!

Ariel McCollums said...

LOVE the pink! I also wish it was appropriate to wear a tutu in our 20's, I think that would make the world a better place ;) Adorable little girl!

Honeybee Gabriel said...

Pink and black is a dateless combination. Love your choice. Happy birthday little one :)


The Coulters said...

Lovin that zebra print :)

I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please check it out here


Hollie said...

So cute. Love all your decorations and your cakes!