Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blogger get together

Hi! As I stated last night, I am back to blogging after WINNING a bet with my man and taking 7+ days away from it. I wanted to spice up my blog, so I made a few changes, but overall I think it will always be a work in progress!
I recently purchased a Polar Heart Rate Monitor Watch. Since it was my first one, and I don't know much about them yet I settled on this one:
I will let you know how I like it once I use it for a few weeks!
I'm excited to tell you about my night last night!
As I have said before I am a Pittsburgh Blogger (HOLLA!) so I knew I would run into other Pittsburgh Bloggers sooner or later. This is one of the BEST cities around - sorry if you aren't from here! ;-) I'm not sure who found who, who started following who, but I became blogging friends with Katie and Lex.  
I always thought about eventually meeting up with other bloggers but we live in a crazy ass world, and it's hard to trust anyone these days. It's sad!
 I got an email in the beginning of February:
I'm not going to lie, I was nervous! Nothing against either one of them- I love their blogs but like I said we live in a crazy ass world. So we decided to meet last night and I am glad we did!
Although we had to battle Pittsburgh Penguin Fans & traffic (we didn't realize our original destination was going to be packed with Pens Fans for the game) we finally met up in a freezing cold parking lot.
We enjoyed dinner - chatted - and had lots of laughs. It was a great time and I am glad I went.

I borrowed this pic from Katie, don't sue me! haha
By the time I picked up my daughter, she was ready for bed, and passed out in the car on the way home.

She loves animal print - or maybe I do.....


I stole some cuddles with my thumb sucking baby girl, and put her to bed.


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Lisa said...

Looks like a blast!! Glad you went and had fun. I totally get you about the crazies out there! It makes things like this very nerve racking.
And I believe a little girl has to have some sort of animal print ;)

Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said...

Fun! I just started meeting other bloggers too. Your baby is adorable!

Life By Lex said...

I'm so glad you won your bed with the Man. Your going to love your HR Monitor!!! I totally should have blogged about meeting up for today's post but non-scale victory got in the way! Gah!

Elizabeth said...

HR Monitors are the best. It is a great way to really track your workouts. I was amazed at the motivation it gave me.

Ashlee said...

I am loving the face lift!! I am glad you had a good time meeting the ladies, I totally get your fear, haha people are nuts!! I love the snuggle picture of your sweet little girl!!

Nichole Gaertner said...

Oh how fun! I'm sad I live so far away from most of all the other women that tend to be meeting up in bloggy World. :)

Katie J said...

I know meeting people from the internet nowadays you can create some crazy situations in your mind! That's why I think it is best to always schedule something in public. . . maybe a freezing parking lot in the snow isn't the ideal place lol, but I'm so glad we met! I really enjoyed my night with you and Lex and hope we can do it again soon!

P.S. your daughter is so adorable!!!

Ariel McCollums said...

Yes! Another Pittsburgh blogger! I hope to meet up sometime and join in the fun!